The Balearic Island of ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and soulful hillside towns

Photography by Daisy Sophia

This fall we took a little escape from our daily life to Mallorca. With the cold weather swamping over the Netherlands, Mallorca seemed like the ideal place to look up some sustainable brands, restaurants and hotels. Our days were spent well, wandering through the city’s old town. We admired how new brand concepts had found a place in old traditional buildings. We also discovered that the city is full of hidden creative cafes and stores, alongside its traditional Sunday markets.

Stay: Pink Pepper Tree

We love to see how other brands do #sustainableluxury. One sustainable hospitality concept that spoke to us, is Pink Pepper Tree. A renovated old finca located at the edge of the rural village Lloseta, nestled against the feet of the Tramuntana mountains in the middle of Mallorca.

Its eight bedrooms are decorated with natural materials and soft tints, with windows overlooking the stunning hillside landscape.

Not only did the Pink Pepper Tree feel like home, its aesthetics also resonated a down to earth, natural look and feel. Raw and sustainable materials were used as the basis of its interior decoration.

By far our favourite place to stay a night in Mallorca.
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