The Eternity
of Remarkable Species

We have been creating bronze sculptures for some time now, but our designs have always been inspired by animalesque features. We decided to explore this affinity of ours by creating a collection that is very true to ourselves, a collection raising awareness of the fragility of the worlds endangered species.

With this collection that we call the ‘Eternity of Remarkable Species’, we capture timeless species that are facing extinction in the form of bronze sculptures. The astonishing fleeting beauty of these endangered animals is solidified into a static, eternal state of bronze, welded at over 2000 degrees Celsius.

Why? The reason we decided to create this collection can be pinpointed down to our travels. We travel to places where we come into contact with endangered species and the local communities that try to protect them. We listen to the stories of these people and see these animals in person. This makes us very aware of the direct affect mankind has on the environment and the animals that inhabit it. With our work we hope to create awareness of the fragility of the worlds animal species in a changing global climate.

Over the next few years we will expand our Eternity collection. With this collection, we aim to contribute to preserving the animal species that inhabit the Indonesian Archipelago and environments beyond.

We would like to donate a percentage of our proceeds from this collection to an NGO or corporation working to preserve the Sumatran Tiger and Western Lowland Gorilla. Feel free to drop us a message if you have any recommendations.


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