Kirana Arc Lamp 30

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The Kirana Arc Lamp 30 is one of the standing lamps from our bamboo design lights collection. It works beautifully on a work desk or nightstand.

For this collection, each lampshade has been crafted by hand out of layers of thinly sliced bamboo. This creates the iconic ‘Shell’ lampshade. It takes a handful of men to pull the lampshade into this shape.

Height: 57 CM
Length: 38 CM
Width: 30 CM

Just the lampshade
Height: 20 CM
Width: 30 CM

Lampshade made from bamboo, fitted on a bronze pedestal. As these lamps are made out of a natural material, they can vary in colour slightly.

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The tripod comes with a European power cable. The light bulb is not supplied as we ship internationally, but we recommend the following bulb: Philips LED 5W, 410lm, 2500K, dimmable with the E27 fitting for a warm flame-like glow.

Cable Length: 1.25CM

Our collection of bamboo design lamps are made from the natural material bamboo, in an organic shape.
With their undulating forms and fascinating curvatures, these lights bounce light into the room like no other. The design method and materials go hand in hand with our belief that luxurious home decor can also be sustainable.

Kirana is the name given to the standing lamps from our Bambusa collection. Our lamps are fittingly named after the Indonesian term ‘Kirana’, which stands for a ‘ray’ (of light), or all that is beautiful. Capturing the essence of these lights is easy. On the other hand, capturing the dazzling amount of angles they can be photographed is a mission on its own. Every angle you turn the lights, a new form and feel is created. We invite you to explore the collection and ponder upon which corner you favour the shell shape because we still haven’t decided yet!

The lampshade is made from bamboo and fitted on a tripod made from high-quality bronze and V-Legal certified wood. This means that the timber comes from a certified and legal wood source in Indonesia. Read about our sustainability practises here

  1. Simone

    Thank you for these unique lamps! They are the new eyecatchers in our bedroom. Simone

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