Large Saltwater Crocodile Skull in polished bronze

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An impressive large Saltwater Crocodile Skull in polished bronze fitted on a custom black pedestal made of wood and iron. The skull has been polished which gives it its golden glow. Each tooth has been welded on by hand and is razor-sharp.

The Saltwater Crocodile

The Saltwater Crocodile may not be a vulnerable crocodile species, but it is symbolic of the many Crocodile species that are vulnerable or threatened on the IUCN Red List. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the Chinese and Philippine crocodiles. With less than 100 adults in the wild, the most endangered crocodile in the world is the Philippine crocodile.

There is no one direct cause for the decline of crocodilian populations around the world. Depending on the species, there are some common factors that have had an effect on wild populations. These factors are habitat destruction, hunting for skins to produce luxury design bags, hunting for meat, dysfunctional human interaction, and even competition between species living in the same habitats.

The Saltwater Crocodile is the largest of the crocodile species, capable of reaching up to 7 meters in length. Its power and solid-state are undefeatable. We like to appreciate its beauty from a stunning static state of polished bronze instead.

About the collection

This sculpture is part of our Eternity of Remarkable Species collection where we capture the astonishing beauty of endangered animals in a static state. For this collection, we source species that are endangered or threatened by human impact. We want to put these species in a shining spotlight to raise awareness of their vulnerability, and beauty, at the same time. With this collection that we call the ‘Eternity of Remarkable Species’, we capture timeless species that are facing extinction in the form of bronze sculptures. The astonishing fleeting beauty of these endangered animals is solidified into a static, eternal state of bronze, welded at over 2000 degrees Celsius. Just as enchanting, less of an impact.


Length: 42 cm / 16.5 inches
Width: 18 cm / 7 inches
Height: 18.5 cm / 7.3 inches

Dutch Design

Designer: Jake Richmond / Dutch Design
Concept: Eva van Stekelenburg
Origin: Indonesia
Date/Period: 2019
Materials: Polished Bronze, MDF
The skull is displayed on a custom-fit black base, made from wood and steel. It cannot be detached from the base.

Signed by our designer J. Richmond


Our bronzes are made from upcycled metals, such as pipelines and other parts. Our craftsmen collect these leftover materials and put them in an oven with temperatures so high that they melt to create the raw material, which we can use again for our bronze sculptures. As bronze is a very eco- and labour- intensive material to mine, we feel it makes much more sense to reuse the material that has already been created than to extract it – again.

Transparency & Who made it

When it comes to our working conditions, we work exclusively with Indonesian craftsmen and women on both Bali and Java. This piece specifically was made in Java, Indonesia. All of our craftsmen and women get paid a living wage that exceeds what the Indonesian Law requires. Their income is enough for a comfortable home, food, education, ceremonies, and more.


Lastly, if you still have any questions about this Saltwater Crocodile Skull 42cm, feel free to reach out to us at or Whatsapp message + 31 6 17123402 and we will get back to you shortly.

  1. Bernhard Schwarz

    looking for this kind of skull for many years I finally found it here…great work…thank you so much for it

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