Manta Ray Patinated, Medium

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Our Manta Ray sculpture is a dazzling home décor piece. Made of patinated bronze which creates a green rustic look.

A sophisticated statement piece that lights up any room. Its curvatures bring the flow of the ocean right to your home. Mounted on a solid base, the Manta Ray sculpture can easily be lifted and displayed on any surface in your home or office.

Our bronzes are made from upcycled metals, such as pipelines and other parts. Our craftsmen collect these leftover materials and put them in an oven with temperatures so high that they melt to create the raw material, which we can use again for our bronze sculptures. As bronze is a very eco- and labour- intensive material to mine, we feel it makes much more sense to reuse the material that has already been created than to extract it – again.

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Width: 30 cm / 11.8 inches
Length: 33 cm / 13 inches
Height: 16 cm / 6.2 inches

Width: 10 cm / 4 inches
Length: 20 / 8 inches
Height: 5.5 cm / 2 inches

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